LENA's BOUTIQ  is an online boutique store.  Every month, we curate high end, New York inspired unique items and products.  Our collections consist of Women Handbags, Wallets, Eyewear, Travel Accessories and Men's sunglasses, wallets and crossbody bags. Each collection is inspired by the high end name brands and designers that are unique, trendy and stylish. We also focus on vintage looks, from the eras of the 60s & 70's, they contributed so much to today's fashion looks.

Growing up I loved all different styles of handbags the name brands were not my main focus. I was more focus on the style and the uniqueness of the handbags. Our mission is to share my love of handbags and accessories with ladies who share the same love and are looking for fashionable, affordable products.

As women we are so versatile in our personality, moods, and lifestyle. Our collections reflects those versatilities. Lena's Boutiq takes pride in delivering to you quality, stylish and affordable products. Whether it's faux leather, alligator print or real leather.